About Our Facilities

Porticos Art Space is housed on the beautiful St. James United Methodist Church campus in Altadena,CA.


We have a large 3500 sq. foot multi purpose room that has been successfully converted  into a sizable dance and theatre venue as well as a generous Gallery space for visual artists. There are also support rooms such as a kitchen and 3 dressing rooms. Since the Northeast area of Los Angeles County does not have a non-profit shared arts space to date, this is a very exciting development.


While rental rates for companies and artists are rather high in the Los Angeles area, we seek to increase the capacity and effectiveness of arts organizations and artists by developing and maintaining a multi-tenant/usage nonprofit center and other quality nonprofit workspaces and gallery for artists. Rates are negotiable depending on budget and time availalbility.


Please inquire. (323) 333-2487 or contact us.

2033 East Washington Blvd.

Pasadena, CA. 91104


There is free parking at the theatre.