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"Story Medley"

The Return of A.R.T.!

Storyteller, Author, and Comedian, Ty Fance's brand of humor is introspective and insightful, often revealing emotions felt by everyone.

His stories draw upon a difficult childhood in Compton, California, the birth of his three daughters and the challenges of fatherhood, the nuances of marriage, and more. There is something for everyone in Ty's comedy performances.


Ty's book of short stories, entitled "Off My Head and Over the Fence", is a collection of autobiographical funny, silly and at times poignant moments that have been well received by readers.


Ty has performed at The Story Salon, The Altadena Coffee Gallery Backstage Theater, the Hollywood Improv, the Comedy Store, and the Ice House Comedy Club in Pasadena.


Ty co-wrote the stage shows The Father 'Hood and Laugh at the Pain. The fatherhood show explores the tender and often funny side of being a dad.  Laugh at the Pain unveils the hilarious and sometimes wacky parts of life challenges.


Born in Houston, Texas, Ty moved to California in the mid-70's where he attended high school and went on to earn an electrical engineering degree from California State University at Long Beach. After several years working as an electrical engineer, he found a greater calling in Storytelling and stand-up comedy. Working both sides of the brain, Ty Fance is a hit with all audiences.


Ty Fance's show "Story Medley" is featured in July.

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The Illusion marked a return to the stage after a long hiatus for A.R.T., and the start of a new partnership as the resident professional theatre company at Porticos.  Look for future events to be announced!

Horace Martin as Matamore and Grace Stanton as Isabelle in last summers production of "The Illusion".

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Located in East Pasadena, CA on the Campus of Arches & the St. James UMC, Porticos is home to resident professional theatre company; Arroyo Repertory Theatre, which is managing Porticos. It is also called home by the prestigious Nancy Evans Dance Theatre and the Pacific Opera Project. The space also hosts guest artists throughout the year, and will soon open a curated art gallery featuring works by local professional arts.


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